Best Place to Buy Luggage

Best Place to Buy Luggage

You’re standing at the conveyor belt at the airport waiting for your suitcase to glide by. You’re amazed at the different styles of luggage that past you.

Where do people find suitcases with such sleek designs and great prints? There are those with combination lock mechanisms and others with polka dots. Some have hard shells and others boast adjustable handles.  You decide you need to upgrade. But where do you look?

Here we rate the best places to buy luggage when you want the best variety and price.

The Mall

The mall is a good place to buy anything. You can visit different stores  that carry specific  brands or a store that sells many brands. There are so many shops and each has a variety of products. Mall stores tend to have sales, which translate to great bargains. And when shopping at a mall, you get to see and touch the items and take them for a roll around the store. You can examine every inch of the suitcase. The size and the color can be judged more accurately when the bag is in your hand. You can check whether it is comfortable or not. You can examine the pockets and the inside compartments. When at your fingertips, you can feel the material and judge for yourself if meets your needs.

The thing that can go wrong is that you can buy too much. The mall is filled with beautiful things. Colors and patterns can grasp your attention and you are bound to buy more than you came for.

E-commerce store

Buying things online through e-commerce stores is convenient. The first benefit is that you don’t have to drive. You can browse from the comfort of your home in your pajamas if you want. All you have to do is search online and use your credit card or other payment method like PayPal. After that, all you have to do is wait for the item to be delivered. E-commerce stores offer a great selection.

When you do a search for luggage, you will be amazed at the number of results that display. The prices range from expensive designer brands to relatively cheap basic offerings.  They not only range in price, but the quality runs the gamut. E-commerce store websites offer images of the product, showing the item from different angles. The specs are also displayed since you cannot see them physically. Another advantage is that you can read the reviews from users. These reviews can be really helpful when deciding if you should hit the buy button.. Opinions will vary so there will be benefits and  disadvantages about the bags, so in the end, it will be up to you to make the final buying decision.

The potential problem with buying from an e-commerce site is that you may receive a product that is different from what you ordered. The color or the material of the item may vary slightly from what you saw on your computer screen.  Your product can get damaged along the way or you can also receive a defected one. The products from e-commerce stores can be offered at discounted prices, but you may be able to find the item at a lower price if it’s on sale at a brick-and-mortar store, especially if it’s on clearance. These are some problems people may face when buying online.

There is also a chance of fraud. Cyber thieves have become adept at hacking systems and stealing credit card numbers. One more thing that you should not forget is shipping. Some companies offer free shipping for the people living in the same city or maybe the same country, while others do not. The companies that offer free shipping tend to have a price range requirement in place, meaning  if the total amount of your purchase reaches or surpasses the range, only then you would receive free shipping. One other drawback of buying from e-commerce stores is that if you want to return the product due to any reason, you most likely have to cover the return shipping cost.

Overall, e-commerce stores are better than malls because they offer more variety and you can gain more insight about the product by reading customers’ product reviews.

Buying things from Amazon

There are a less chances of fraud when buying through Amazon because the site has aggressive cyber prevention tools in place. Credit card details and online payment information  are encrypted using sophisticated systems. Buying from Amazon ensures that you are going to receive the item or you will receive a full refund. Amazon is known for his buyer-friendly return policy. Issues with Amazon may be shipping. Sometimes, an item may be received late. There are also chances that you can receive a damaged or defected item. Amazon has great discounts on many products. Amazon offers services like Amazon Prime, which charges you an annual membership fee of $99 a year and offers you free 2-day shipping on qualifying items.

Why  Amazon is better than eBay

eBay and Amazon are both authentic and safe e-commerce sites. They both are popular and efficient, but here are the reasons why Amazon is better: First of all, product comparison is easier to conduct on Amazon. Amazon’s return policy is simple and uniform. On the other hand, the return procedure of eBay is ever changing and relies on the seller to make it a pleasant experience. On eBay, unless it is a Buy It Now, you have to bid for the item. If a customer outbids you, then you are not going to get the luggage at all. Auctions can be a good thing sometimes, as you can get suitcase at basement prices. It’s a gamble because there’s no guarantee you will win the auction. When purchasing luggage, there really is no better e-commerce store than Amazon.


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